Friday, January 29, 2010

2009 Accomplishments

I finished my 2009 Accomplishments list before the end of January!  (I'll have to add that to my 2010 Accomplishments list.)

What struck me about this list is how heavy the home improvement category is.  I mean, it really shouldn't need its own category!  I spent a great deal of time on this house and it looks like it will continue for much of this year.  That's ok with me.  I enjoy the process and it's very important to me to live in a pleasant, orderly environment.  Still, I plan to work on shifting the balance at least a little bit in 2010.

Writing out the list was definitely a valuable exercise.  I already felt like 2009 was a good year for me, but I had no idea that I did all of this!  I am also in the process of writing out my future goals, and I used the Accomplishments list to remind me of things that I am already doing that I want to continue, or which fit into broader goals that I have.

I edited the list a bit for public consumption, and I'm sure it's quite a bore to anyone but me, but just like the Three Good Things, planning to put it up here on the blog helped motivate me to both start and finish it.  I bolded a few of the most significant accomplishments, but really, 2009 was a year of many Little Things.  Here they are, loosely categorized but otherwise in no particular order:


  • I did the Three Good Things exercise for about 6 months out of the year

  • Made significant progress in my introspection work (details omitted)

  • Organized and decorated and shopped and cooked for a great Christmas at home

  • I took a fair amount of pictures and got some of them organized into photo albums

  • Did volunteer work for ARI

  • Got a fish

  • I walked the dog regularly when the weather allowed

  • I started getting monthly massages

  • I managed my pain through massage and stress reduction, so that I had almost no pain all year

  • I changed my diet and worked on new habits of shopping and cooking to suit it

  • I started listening to music again

  • I started listening to LP and DH podcasts

  • I lost 8 pounds (and gained them back)

  • I showered about 75% of the time

  • I found an inexpensive hairdresser

  • I joined a book club

  • I read a few books in the Great Books Series, Ten Years of Reading project.

  • I read many books

  • I went to the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum

  • I went to the Reston Zoo

  • I went to Mt. Vernon

  • I started practicing the piano again

  • Adam and I decided to have another baby

  • I got pregnant

  • I grieved a lost pregnancy

  • I hosted a party for the first time since 1999

  • I visited North Carolina

  • I visited Florida

  • I visited NYC

  • I took a lot of videos of Sam

  • I attended a talk by John Allison at The Ayn Rand Center

  • I found a dentist

  • I watched the entire Battlestar Galactica series

  • I kept in touch with my friends

  • Started using Skype with a few friends

  • I hosted at least 23 different guests at my house

  • I hosted a couple of playdates and took Sam out for a few.

  • I attended a Tea Party protest

  • Visited the Jefferson Memorial

  • Visited the Smithsonian

  • I found a dermatologist

  • I graded essays for ARI

  • I celebrated my 7th wedding anniversary


  • I maintained my blog regularly all year – 554 posts

  • I upgraded and added a few new features to the blog: subscribe to comments, search Objectivist parenting blogs, and Feedburner

  • I more than tripled my blog readership during the year

  • I added advertisements to my blog

  • I made my first money with ads on the blog

  • I hosted the Objectivist Round Up 4 times


  • I decided to try fiction writing

  • I started my first novel

  • I came up with a few other story ideas

Home Improvement

  • Found a good housecleaner

  • Installed a mirror in the bedroom

  • Created a prioritized list of home improvement projects

  • Got the toilets fixed and put on new toilet seats

  • Got the basement laundry sink fixed

  • Put up all of our art

  • I designed and Adam put together my new, personalized office space with a short desk.

  • Replaced the eat in kitchen light fixture

  • I did a lot of unpacking and throwing away old junk from the previous occupants of this house, and continued the cleaning process

  • Adam and I got rid of all of the cardboard boxes that we had been saving and hauling around for all of our moves.

  • I cleaned the grout in the kitchen (a 2 month project)

  • Had new windows installed

  • Moved playroom to kitchen and created dining room

  • New lighting in kitchen, dining room, basement, and foyer

  • Got the roof fixed

  • Started planning for painting the house


  • I created and stuck to a budget for 10 months of the year

  • I did the taxes

  • I moved Sam’s 529 to VA

  • I paid all the bills and did all the financial planning and reporting


  • I was Sammy's mommy for 365 days and nights and there is no way to list all of the accomplishments this involved

  • I explored Positive Discipline parenting techniques

  • Took Sammy to see “Go, Dog, Go,” the musical

  • Did an “observation” at MSO

  • Found a good and cheap babysitter

  • Took Sammy to the pumpkin patch

  • Planned and executed Halloween with Sammy, including lots of decorations

  • Re-read Faber and Mazlish

  • The daily schedule whiteboard

  • The cooperation chart/new task chart

  • I found Sam a new doctor

  • I made up many songs

  • I made 31 Valentines day cards with Sammy

  • I found a Montessori school after a long quest

  • I registered Sam for Montessori and helped her through the transition in starting school

  • I attended a 7 week Montessori for toddlers program with Sammy

  • I potty trained Sam

  • I took Sam sledding

  • I took Sam to the water park and helped her conquer her fear of the water slide

  • I started teaching Sam to read

  • I attended 2 homeschooling conferences and made significant progress on my homeschooling plans.

  • I taught Sam how to dress and undress herself, all except for shoes.

  • I continued to arrange the house in a way that allows Sam to be very independent, including many stools, the light switch extenders, her own broom, rake, and shovel, her low-slung closet, her low mirror in the dining room, and her low coat rack.

  • Moved Sammy from her crib to her toddler bed

  • I arranged for two occasions where Sammy spent a couple of nights away from mommy and daddy.

  • I made up dozens of stories

  • I taught Sam how to know it is morning using her teach me time clock.

  • I planned and executed Sammy’s 3rd birthday party

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  1. I've been thinking about this post ever since I read it on Saturday morning. There are a lot of good ideas here (some of which I hope to emulate), and you did a lot in 2009! Good job!

    I was reading it on my iPhone, in a room with a great view, away from my home and daily life. I like my daily life, but it's routine-oriented sometimes, so I find it's useful to get out of my usual environment to ponder the wider issues of life.

    I don't know if I'll post a list publicly, but I like the idea of making such a list. A personal "State of the Union" so to speak, and much more useful than the President's :)