Friday, January 22, 2010

A Little Thing

There's this really stupid advertisement on a kid's tv channel where parents are bragging about how their kids know so much from watching tv.  Paraphrasing:
I couldn't believe it when Lucy said "adios" to me when I dropped her off for school!

...and then he told me that the moon revolved around the earth!

At her last playdate, she told her friend that "sharing is caring."

He pointed to the stop sign and said, "Look, it's a hexagon!"

Well, I scoffed until Sammy drew a picture this afternoon and then showed me, saying, "Look, mommy, a rhombus!"  I had to restrain myself from dancing all over the room.

Of course, she didn't just pick up some disconnected piece of trivia from tv, but learned this in Montessori, in the context of other shapes, but still, I have to take back at least a little bit of my smugness.  It's just so exciting to see how much they can learn so quickly!

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