Friday, January 15, 2010

You Can't Make This Stuff Up

Ok, I have to take one moment to tell you that the washing machine did last the day, but the hot water heater did not!  Well, we still have hot water, but it's leaking and it was on its last legs anyway, so it's time for a new one, and it's urgent.  Really, it's quite shocking what went on in this house today.

The good part is that I surprised myself today by researching and purchasing a new dishwasher online in 3 hours - it will be installed on Wednesday.  Maybe the hot water heater will only take 4 or 5, and maybe I can get it by the end of next week.  (I'm going to check out the tankless kind.) I usually take a month or so for a project like that.  I also finished the design and purchase of the closet shelving today, got 4 more paint samples and slapped them up on the wall, paid all the bills, changed the filter in the air furnace (which is how I noticed the leak), and kept my e-mail inbox at zero.  I actually feel pretty good about this day.

Two observations:  1) Everything is so much easier now that we are not under as much financial strain.  2) You can really get a lot done when your child watches TV all day. (She's still sick, but ok, in case you were worried.)

I guess I can't stop blogging after all.  I only meant to write the first sentence.

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