Friday, January 29, 2010

Burt Rutan

New Scientist magazine's interview with Burt Rutan, one of the greatest men alive today, reads like Ayn Rand fiction.  Even the journalist's skepticism and slightly derisive tone only serve to highlight Rutan's excellent character.  For instance, the author calls Rutan a "maverick genius" and speaks of his "swimming against the tide."  What he observes but cannot precisely identify is the virtue of independence.  For clarification, see, The Fountainhead.


  1. I loved it how personally Burt took Global Warming and how he didn't pass up an opportunity to make an impassioned speech about it. And especially his statement about Scientific American, which subscription I also discontinued long ago due to their stance on GW. He knows it's a moral issue. Have you seen the episode of "Man, Moment, Machine" about the Voyager flight?

  2. Eric: No, I didn't know that program but I just looked it up and I'll start recording it because it looks great. Hopefully I'll catch the Rutan episode at some point. Thanks for the tip! I do own Black Sky which I love and would recommend.