Tuesday, February 27, 2007

The Sam Update - Six Months Old*

Samantha will be half a year old on Friday.  I can't believe how quickly the past few months have flown by.  It seems there are new challenges and new joys every day.  Now I understand why people remember their time with their babies as a blur.  It's hard to just take a moment and digest it.  I try to do so as much as possible, but the whirlwind is part of what makes it what it is, and it's a good thing. 


Sam has achieved a few milestones since I last wrote.  She has started eating solid food, which she absolutely loves.  She's been watching us eat and drink for weeks now so we started her a bit early.  We also help her drink a few sips of water out of our adult glasses occasionally just for fun and she has a sippy cup which she mostly plays with.  She can sit up on her own for a few seconds at a time now while leaning forward on her knuckles like a monkey.  She just needs to improve her balance and she'll be sitting pretty (har har).  Most impressive to us, though, is that she is now playing what I call "give and take."  She will hold an object, offer it to one of us, and after we take it and offer it back, she'll take it.  Right now, this comes in the form of her putting finger puppets in our mouths and then taking them back out (she's fascinated with our mouths right now.)  I was surprised to see that she was capable of understanding the pattern, but she does and she loves it.  She is really a little person now and she is so wonderful!


Our biggest news is that we are moving, at least temporarily!  Adam is "visiting" at two different law schools next school year.  They are just temporary positions, and he remains on the faculty at MSU, but sometimes these things become permanent.  In the fall we will be at the University of San Diego, and in the spring we'll be at Washington & Lee in Lexington, Virginia.  We have no idea yet where we'll live or how we'll get there - we're working on that now.  (For you local folks, let us know if you know anyone who might want to rent our house.)  I'll have graduated by then and don't plan to start working yet, so it's great timing. We are very excited about the whole adventure!


*Disclaimer:  The Sam Update began as a series of e-mails sent to family and friends starting when Sam was less than a month old.  To keep the chronology I've faked the dates here on the blog to reflect when the updates were actually written.  They were really added to the blog in May, 2008, with just a bit of editing.  All subsequent entries will be posted directly to the blog.