Tuesday, December 12, 2006

The Sam Update - Three Months Old*

We've had a great month.  Over Thanksgiving we attended the wedding of our dear friends Keith and Pari in Playa del Carmen which is just south of Cancun.  It was a beautiful and touching ceremony and the location and weather were perfect.  We saw a lot of old friends and met some new ones.  Samantha had a blast, and so did we!  We took her everywhere:  on 2 boat rides, to the beach, to the wedding and reception, and even to the after-party at the hotel bar.  She is a lot more aware of the world now, and she skipped most of her naps in order to observe her surroundings.  The final picture of the trip shows her asleep on the airplane tray table - she was exhausted. 


Sam is such a joy.  She is just starting to grab things now.  A few days ago she started putting those things in her mouth, which, for some reason, we find incredibly cute (that probably won't last long!)  But the best thing of all is that she has started giggling.  Her first laugh was at Adam chasing our dog, Toby, around the house when he got home from work - it was so appropriate because that makes me laugh every time too.  Her second laugh happened when we were looking in the mirror together.  First she looked at herself in the mirror, then up at me in the mirror.  I was talking to her, so she looked towards my voice at the real me and started cracking up.  I guess two mommies is pretty funny to a 3 month old. 


We'll be in St. Louis for Christmas with Adam's parents this year.  We wish you all a wonderful Christmas and New Year.


*Disclaimer:  The Sam Update began as a series of e-mails sent to family and friends starting when Sam was less than a month old.  To keep the chronology I've faked the dates here on the blog to reflect when the updates were actually written.  They were really added to the blog in May, 2008, with just a bit of editing.  All subsequent entries will be posted directly to the blog.