Monday, May 7, 2007

The Sam Update - Eight Months Old*

Our Sam is now 8 months old, and as I've probably said each month:  This is the BEST age!  But I really mean it this time.  :) 


The coolest thing Sam is doing now is leaning and looking around obstructions to watch something.  Also, when something disappears behind the left side of the sofa or other object, she looks to the right, expecting to see it come out the other side.  It's hard to convey why this is so meaningful, but Adam noted that part of it is that she has had to combine a few new skills to do it.  First, she has developed an understanding of object permanence - just because it is out of her sight does not mean the thing does not exist anymore.  (She's way ahead of many philosophers on this point!)  Next, she has the physical coordination to lean and twist and tilt her head.  Finally, she has learned that moving in those ways gains her a new perspective.  It's so exciting to watch her, and we really have to be careful because she's trying to lunge out of our arms.  She's surprisingly quick and strong! 


No teeth yet, but that doesn't stop her from being a great eater.  She likes everything but turkey so far.  And her hair is finally starting to come in.  I'm so curious to see what she'll look like with hair.  Her eyes are still blue - it would be nice if they stay that way or just get a bit greener, like Adam's.


We're using sign language pretty consistently now (just a few key words) and sometimes it seems like she understands.  She definitely understands a few verbal words like "no," "let go please," "legs down," and "arms up." 


Spring is finally here and we have been walking again.  Today I put Sam in her stroller facing forward for the first time.  Up until now she's been in her car seat which sits in the stroller facing the back.  She's been ready to sit normally for a while, but she is still really too small for the seat and straps, although we managed okay today.  She's only 14 pounds still - about 10th percentile.  She's always developmentally ready for things before she fits into them, but I told her being short is no big deal and her dad and I can tell her all about how to cope with it.  :)


I graduated this weekend.  I was the top student in my major of Applied Engineering Sciences (it's a combination of engineering and business classes.)  Dad and Deb Mossoff came and we had a great weekend. 


*Disclaimer:  The Sam Update began as a series of e-mails sent to family and friends starting when Sam was less than a month old.  To keep the chronology I've faked the dates here on the blog to reflect when the updates were actually written.  They were really added to the blog in May 2008, with just a bit of editing.  All subsequent entries will be posted directly to the blog.