Monday, January 11, 2010

C's and B's

When I was a kid, one of my dad's favorite snacks was "C's and B's," also known as crackers and butter.  He would slather butter onto saltines as an appetizer before dinner and eat them with shameless enjoyment. 

I loved C's and B's until I bought into the myth of how fat is bad for us and how we need to reduce our dietary cholesterol.  Then, I was horrified at my dad's reckless behavior.  How could he eat so much butter?  I denied myself C's and B's for many years. 

But I've recently come to see the light and I am no longer afraid of fat, thanks to Gary Taubes.  (I'm not afraid of carbs either, though, as he would have me be.)  I've started cooking with butter and cream, and I use as much mayonnaise as I please.

So when Sammy asked for crackers with butter on them, I didn't bat an eye.  Now, C's and B's are one of her favorite snacks.  I think my dad will like to hear that.


  1. I don't think there's such a thing as "bad" food. My current line of thinking comes down to moderation: eat what you want and don't be a hog about it.

  2. I just saw a Saltines display in the market last night and it reminded me of your dad!

  3. Stace - I had no idea that you would remember that! I'll have to make sure Sam doesn't take up my dad's other nightly appetizer: a highball. Maybe when she's a bit older. :)

  4. Dad's highball was desert not an appetizer.

  5. Yum, that's my kind of dessert!