Thursday, December 10, 2009

This Is Why I Own a TV

Three Good Things for the day:

  1. For the first time in a couple of weeks, I walked the dog, showered before noon, styled my hair and put on jewelry, worked on my fiction writing, and cooked a real lunch for myself and Sammy.  It wasn't the first time I did all of those things together, but the first time I did any of them, and I did them all today.  Good day!

  2. My cat is becoming a lap cat.  Pets are nice in their old age.

  3. We just finished watching Battlestar Galactica.  It was amazing.  I loved it.  I was not disappointed.  This was one of the greatest stories, ever.  I'm already thinking about the next time I'll watch it, and how old Sammy should be for us to watch it with her.  Just beautiful.

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