Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Sci-fi, Sickness, and Schedule

I forgot my Three Good Things yesterday!  Let's see if I can remember anything:

  1. Adam and I are finally into the new material in our viewing of Battlestar Galactica.  Our 18 month moving saga and the writer's strike interrupted the series for us the first time around.  Six years later, we're finally going to find out who the last Cylon is!

  2. Sammy has conjunctivitis which is not a good thing, but for some reason sick days with her are always a nice break from the routine.  Yesterday we watched TV and read books and napped and ate all day.

  3. I learned something from the sick day.  A lot of Sammy's behavior problems stem from the rushing around that goes with her more hectic school schedule.  I had suspected this, but now I'm sure of it.  Yesterday was the first day since early September that we didn't have to get out the door for school or weekend activities at a certain time, and she was so much more pleasant to be around, even when I had to put eye drops in her eyes.  We did go out to the pharmacy, but it wasn't something that had to be done on a schedule so the fact that it took her an hour to get ready didn't matter.  I know she's going to have to learn how to get ready without all the angst, but it's nice to have a little bit more understanding of what's going on with her.

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