Wednesday, December 16, 2009

A Few Holiday Quotes

I forgot my Three Good Things yesterday, but not because there weren't any.  It was actually an ok day, but I've been so busy I forgot I had a blog.  I thought tonight maybe I'd do Six Good Things for the past 48 hours, but I really can't remember yesterday at all, so I'll just stick with the usual format.

  1. Sammy came home today singing OH CRADLE CRADLE CRADLE, I MADE IT OUT OF CWAY, AND WHEN IT DIE AND WEADY, OH CRADLE I WILL PAY.  I learned that song in Montessori when I was a little girl, too.

  2. When a man in line at the post office asked Sammy if she mailed a letter to Santa Claus, she replied, YES, AT THE MALL.

  3. Sammy is allowed to take down and play with one Christmas ornament from the tree at a time.  She was playing with a red ball when I heard her cry out to the dog:  NO, TOBY!  YOU'RE NOT SUPPOSED TO LICK MY BALLS!

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