Friday, December 4, 2009

Still Sick and Still Sucky, but Shaping Up

Three Good Things for the day:

  1. Adam stayed home from work to help me.  What a guy!  He really saved me today.

  2. I got to the doctor in time to save my ear drum from bursting.

  3. A photo of Ben Rathbone's drawing of Sammy is up at his web site.  We're getting it framed and we'll display it next to a pastel drawing of me at about the same age.  Sammy and I look very much alike and it's really cool.  As soon as we have them together I'll take a photo and post it here.  And as long as I have your attention on Ben's work, you really should check out his portrait of Jerald Schwab.  I think Ben's work is amazing.

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