Saturday, January 15, 2011

Two Little Things

We had alphabet tater tots (yes, they make such a thing!) for dinner, and Sam had the letters S, B, O and O.  She put them together and sounded out: SOOB.  "What's soob, mommy?"  "It's a nonsense word - you just made it up - but you sounded it out just right."

Then she ate one of the Os and I told her I saw a real word she could make (thinking of "sob").  She put together BOS and said with the pride of reading in her voice: "Boss.  Just like when I boss you around!"


Adam's phone made it's low-battery chirp and I looked around in confusion. Taking the phone out of his back pocket, he said, "That was me."  Sam said, "No it was not.  That was your phone."

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