Thursday, January 20, 2011

Family Movie Night - Toy Story and Babies

Over Christmas we converted Family Movie Night into Christmas Movie Fest. We mostly watched the stuff you can record off the TV: the claymation shorts and Frosty and Mickey's Christmas and things like that.  As always, mine and Adam's favorite was The Grinch.  Sam seems to be in love with Frosty.  We watched that three times.

This past weekend, we got back into our habit and watched Toy Story.  I felt the same way about it that I did when it first came out - it was okay.  Usually I like a movie with a conflict between two good guys, but in this case, I wanted Woody to be good and Buzz Lightyear to be bad.  I'm not sure why, but I just can't get over that.  Sam liked it, and she's been drawing rocket ships ever since.

Another movie we've been watching a lot of is the documentary, Babies.  First, I watched it on my iPad.  Then I put it on for Sam to keep her busy for a few minutes.  She was fascinated.  So we've been watching bits of it here and there for a couple of weeks now.  If you haven't seen it, it's a great rental.  There is no narration - just scenes of four babies as they grow from birth to about one year old.  One is from Mongolia, one from Africa, one from Tokyo, and one from San Francisco.  The scenes are juxtaposed so that you can observe the differences in the cultures and also, the similarities in the babies.  I enjoyed seeing the difference between the African mom (I liked her) and the Mongolian mom (I hated her).  I also enjoyed seeing the African baby chewing on an animal bone that was lying in the dirt and then seeing the American parents using a lint roller to remove any possible particles of dirt from their baby.  Hilarious!  Now, whenever Sam does something gross, Adam says, "bones" and I chill out.  But all the babies made the "mama" sound, they all put things in their mouths, and they all learned to walk.  I see new things in this movie every time I watch it, and I think its a great one for kids, too.

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  1. I liked Babies, too. We streamed it from Netflix, and even without narration I found it oddly compelling. I mean, they don't really "do" much, but it kept my attention. My 18 month old was *enthralled* - he sat on my lap pointing, laughing, and occasionally jumping up and down. It was really fun.