Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Seeing Double

I was really nervous about my blood test today, but it brought some news that rocked my socks off.  I could get used to this!  Here is the email from K.:

Good afternoon!  More good news….the level went up to 12,700!!!  This is a great rise.  Also, be prepared….there is a definite chance that you have twins!!!  It could still be one, but with those numbers…I would guess two!

Please continue all of your medications and we will see you on Thursday, February 3rd for your sonogram at 2:15pm!

Also, let me know if you need anything in the meantime!


Okay, when a nurse hazards a guess about twins based on a blood test (not to mention losing control of her punctuation), you know it means something. According to Betabase (a self-reporting database of beta levels at various times during pregnancies which end up being successful),  the median beta level for a singleton at 14 days post ovulation is 101, and at 21 days is 1240.  The median beta level for twins at 14 days post ovulation is 206, and at 21 days is 2,520.  Both increase just about 1000% in seven days.

My levels at approximately those dates were 363 and 12,700, which is not only way above the median for twins, but the increase is over 3000%.

Holy shit!

This news bowled me over.  I'm starting to believe.  Both of our little embryos might still be going strong.  I can't imagine how neither would make it.  I don't have any problems carrying a pregnancy.  I'm in very good health.  All my hormone levels are perfect.  I don't have any structural problems in my reproductive system.  I've never had any indication of problems with my body related to pregnancy, except the MTHFR issue, which seems to be a non-issue, especially with the extra folic acid I'm taking religiously.  The problem has always been with the embryos themselves.  Even my first lost pregnancy had nothing to do with my body in its role as host.  And now there are probably two embryos, created with someone else's eggs.  Things can still go wrong, but the chance of something going wrong for two, at this point, must be tiny. And they both might make it.  The thought of twins is becoming more real and it scares and thrills me, simultaneously.  I'm freaking out in the best possible way.

I'm still not breaking out the baby name books or taking photos of my pregnant belly, but I'm feeling excited.  I've calculated my due date (Sept. 28) and I've written "1 week" "2 weeks" etc. on my calendar, every Wednesday, all the way through to "40 weeks."  I'm almost ready to subscribe to a weekly pregnancy newsletter.  Having to delete my calendar entries and unsubscribe from the newsletter caused me great pain with my first miscarriage, so these are big steps for me.  If we lose this pregnancy, I'll be devastated, but I won't be any more devastated than I would be if I repressed my excitement.

I'm ready to start enjoying this!


  1. Oh AMY!!! Those numbers are spectacular!!! I'm losing control of my punctuation too :) :)

    (gasp, wow, twins!!!)

  2. WOW WOW WOW! This is so exciting! WOW...that's all I can really think of to say! :)

  3. Wondeful news! Hoping for all the best for you!

  4. Oh my God! Twins!!! So freaking cute and what a great Christmas card you guys will be sending. I'm so glad for you that it's going so well.

  5. Fantastic! :) A good solid beta is exactly what you want right now, and the thought of twins is *incredible*!

  6. Could one of them have split off so that you have triplets? I hope not, but that number is really high! Congratulations!!

  7. What fantastic news! That is great!