Thursday, January 27, 2011

New York

We're off to New York tomorrow.  Compared to last year, I've done almost no planning.  We'll see Mary Poppins and have lunch with friends, but that's all I have on the agenda so far.  I really wanted to take Sammy to see the Statue of Liberty, but I think it will be too cold.  Somewhere in my electronic world, I have the list of things to do with kids in New York that you all helped me with last year.  Maybe I'll find time tonight to do a little planning.

We'll be testing a couple of new pieces of technology on this trip.  First, my iPad. I usually just rely on my phone and Adam's laptop.  I haven't figured out too many uses for the iPad yet, but I think travel will be a good one.  I'm downloading my first movie as I write this - Tinker Bell - something for Sam to watch on the train.

Also, we bought one of these travel vests for Sam:

RideSafer Car Seat Travel Vest

It's a vest that a child can wear and strap in using a regular seat belt, instead of using a car seat.  I don't see any other way to take taxis in New York with a child.  It's not possible to lug a car seat around all day just in case you take that 5 minute cab ride back to the hotel when you're too lazy to take the subway.  This vest is small enough to put in a backpack, and it's supposed to be pretty effective for safety.  It will certainly be safer than what we did last time: putting an arm across Sam to keep her from sliding off the seat where she sat, unbuckled, untethered, and squirming like crazy.  The big question about the vest is: will she wear it?  I'll report back next week.

If this trip is half as good as our last trip to New York with Sam, it will be a fine time, indeed.

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  1. I *definitely* want to see your review of this product. We're looking to hit a big city with lots of cabs soon and want to know if it's worth buying.