Saturday, January 8, 2011

Day 3

We just got the best of all possible news: all six embryos are growing and look great!  One is at six cells, one is at seven cells, and four are at eight cells.  We couldn't have hoped for more, at this point.

So the Big Day is Monday.  We won't get any more news until we go in for the transfer.  I'm actually hopeful that we might have something to freeze, but the really important thing is that we have a great shot at two viable embryos to transfer.  This is looking really, really good!

In related news, my butt hurts!  Those progesterone shots are turning out to be a killer.  The pain kicks in about six hours after the shot and lasts for a couple of days.  In fact, just when the pain is subsiding, I have to have another shot on that side (we alternate left and right each day).  The pain is bad enough that it wakes me up at night when I turn over, so I've been feeling very tired lately.  I also suspect that the hormones are causing me fatigue.  I get about four or five good hours a day, and the rest is quite miserable.

There are some things we can do to try to mitigate the pain from the shots, but I'm going to ask for some statistics on the effectiveness of the suppositories.  I can't imagine doing this for months.

The transfer itself is easy.  No painkillers or sedatives are necessary.  We go in at noon and meet with the doctor to decide on the number to transfer, the transfer is at 12:30, and we're done by 1:00 or so.  We're going to get a sitter for Sam so that Adam can be there with me the whole time.  I'll be on bed rest for the rest of that day, and there are a few minor limitations for the next four days.  Otherwise, it's business as usual.

I'll probably have another report here on Monday afternoon.  Keep your fingers crossed for us!


  1. Fingers, toes, eyes, and hair! Lots of well wishes :)

  2. Fantastic. Fingers crossed here, too. :) Thanks for letting us come along for the ride!

  3. I am thinking of you guys today. Good luck!