Wednesday, June 30, 2010

OCON and Other Updates

We're leaving for OCON today!  First, we head to Florida for two days, where we'll drop Sammy off with her grandparents.  She will be with them (and we'll be without her) for eight whole days.  Consciously, I'm excited, but subconsciously I must be very worried because I keep having dreams about forgetting where I left her or forgetting to pick her up from school.  After OCON, we go back to Florida for two more days to pick her up and to visit.

It's going to be a long trip - two full weeks if you include travel days.  I'll be dependent on Adam's laptop for blogging so it might be light for a couple of weeks, but who knows - maybe I'll write every night about all the exciting things that I learned and experienced.  Probably not.

A few random notes:

  • I forgot to upload Adam's photos of our Farm Vacation so I'll be adding those at some point.  (I guess that's mostly of interest to family.)

  • My fertility tests all came back normal, so we're back to square one, in a sense.  It's good to know that there is nothing detectably wrong with me or us, but in a way it's the worst thing because it means we have no control over the situation and we're left with the same uncertainty as always.

  • I'll be starting our summer school as soon as we return from vacation, so I'll be writing about that quite a bit, hopefully.  I started setting up the Montessori-like environment two days ago.  I had no choice but to do it when Sam was around, so it's been very difficult to keep her from going wild with the materials.  I'm going to have to spend some time at the conference teaching myself how to demonstrate how to use them and finalizing my plans.

  • Adam posted this hilarious status update on Facebook regarding our travel preparations:  "Adam Mossoff is going on a lengthy trip and thus the dog and cat will be enjoying an extended stay at the local kennel, or, given their vastly differing attitudes about the kennel, I refer to it as 'doggy summer camp' for Toby and 'kitty concentration camp' for Jinx."

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