Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Cycle One, Day One, Take Four

That's what I write on my calendar each time: Cycle One , Day One.  Then, the next month, I write Cycle Two, Day One, and so on.

This one, Take Four, began on Saturday.  I'm feeling pretty excited - again.  I don't know how on earth I can be excited about something that has caused me so much pain, but I do seem to emotionally reboot myself each time.  Damn, I'm really proud of that.

On Sunday I had my FSH test blood draw, and I should have the results tomorrow.  They're testing a few other things, too, but frankly, I didn't pay much attention to those.  There are only so many brain cells I can dedicate to this project.  But if I have high FSH levels, then it could mean that I have a higher-than-normal-for-my-age egg-quality problem.  This is the biggest outstanding question.

Next week I get to have a hysterosonogram to test for any abnormalities in my uterus.  Fun!  My history indicates this is highly unlikely, but it is an easy test and the problems it can detect are relatively common.

If both tests are normal, we can start trying to conceive again right away.  If not, we'll reassess.

I also found out today that no determination could be made for the cause of my last miscarriage.  The tissue was too "necrotic."  I wish I had opted for the D&C right away - then maybe we'd have more information - but I also hope that I'll never have to put that "lesson learned" to use.

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