Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A Little Thing

I started setting up our "summer school" yesterday and when Sammy saw all of the Montessori materials she beamed and said, THANK YOU MOMMY, FOR GETTING ME SUMMER SCHOOL!

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  1. That was the reaction here, too: we started our own Montessori Summer School two weeks ago, and Karina was (and still is) super excited. The biggest hit so far is a very complex, color-mixing activity involving a plastic mat, 6 glasses, a pitcher, a dropper, and blue, red and yellow food coloring. On the first day of school, she did the work 4 times - and it takes about 20-30 minutes every time - and loves that she really knows how to make green, orange and purple! It's so much fun to get to work with her and watch her work, and see what all she can do (and where she needs help.) The best thing, though, is her excitement - and being told "thank you" repeatedly for doing summer school in the office...