Monday, June 7, 2010


Our family marked two milestones this weekend, both courtesy of Toys-R-Us.

The purpose of the trip was to buy a new car seat.  (We finally realized that we're not too poor to splurge on one for each car instead of moving the seat back and forth all the time.)  We told Sammy ahead of time that she could choose one item at the toy store - anything under $10.  She chose Silly Bandz, these little rubber/plastic bracelets shaped like animals or other cute things.  Adam and I only became aware of these bracelets about a week ago, when we noticed 3 different girls in the neighborhood wearing them, and now they're everywhere!  I'm not sure when Sammy became aware of them, but the moment she saw them in the store, she didn't want anything else.  This is officially Sam's first fad!  Instead of being horrified, I actually think it's quite cute.  I probably won't think so when the next fad costs more than I spend on a night out on the town, or when I hear an argument like, BUT EVERYONE ELSE HAS THEM!

One thing Sammy's teacher suggested we do this summer is to play board games with her.  (There are many good, educational reasons to play board games with your kids.)  At the toy store, we noticed Candy Land and Chutes and Ladders, so we bought them, and played them both for the first time yesterday.  I must say, one of the main reasons that I want a second child is so that we have four players for board games.  Playing board games is one of those images I have in my mind of what families do, and I've been looking forward to this since Sam was born.

Hurray for toys!


  1. A cute Thomas the Tank Engine card game that we love to play together is called "Station Celebration." Very fun! Sequence for Kids is also quite good.

  2. Thanks, Cornelia! I'm not very happy with either of the "classics" that we bought. Chutes and Ladders has pictures of "good deeds" when you go up a ladder and "naughty" things when you go down a chute. I didn't play this one much as a kid, but I didn't remember that, and don't like it. The board is way too cluttered as it is. It's also confusing how you have to move left-to-right then right-to-left as you go up to the top of the board. Candy Land was a little bit simpler, so better, but it didn't really thrill me. I've put Sequence on my amazon list of things to buy, but I'm not sure I want to get into Thomas if I don't have to! :)

  3. At Sammy's age, Livy LOVED Hi Ho Cherry-O and Memory.