Thursday, November 5, 2009

Mini Fridge for Mini Me

Adam came up with the brilliant idea of setting up our miniature refrigerator in the kitchen for Sammy.  She isn't able to open the door on the big fridge yet, which hampers her ability to get her own snacks.  We had this little fridge just sitting in our storage room and Adam realized that Sammy probably had the strength to open it. 

Sammy's fridge

He set it up, and, voila!  Sammy now gets her own yogurt and cheese whenever she wants it.  In fact, she loves serving yogurt for two.  She'll get the two containers of yogurt and place them at our respective places at the table, then she will get 2 napkins from the shelf she can reach, and 2 spoons from her low cabinet.  Then she asks, WOULD YOU LIKE HAVE YOGURT WITH ME, MOMMY? 

We plan on putting more food in the fridge for her, but yogurt is her main refrigerated snack.  We do have a small pitcher of milk in there (you can buy the pitcher from For Small Hands for $7.50), but she hasn't had the guts to try it herself yet.  Once she does, she'll be able to get her own cereal for breakfast.  And that will bring me one step closer to my selfish goal of having her be totally self-sufficient in the morning.  Interesting how my selfish goals seem to coincide with what is best for her, isn't it?


  1. An excellent implementation of our "Lazy Man's Guide to Perfect Parenting" ;-)


  2. Jon - Yes, I think of your guiding principle often, too!

  3. Awesome! When I manage to set something up so that the kids can be more independent, they always love the feeling of being more like a grownup. And I love the feeling of just a wee bit more free time. :o)

  4. Too funny. Just this weekend I brought home a mini-fridge that had been sitting, almost completely unused, in my office at work for several years. We set it up in the kitchen next to a little shelf, so the kids could access their own milk, cheese, broccoli, crackers, etc. So far our experience is just like yours -- it's great, for everybody involved! And we too are fantasizing about the day when the kids will be able to get themselves breakfast while we sleep in!!!

  5. That is great. You and Sammy make me excited to be a parent one day!

  6. I used to prepare tubs of baby tomatoes, baby corn, cut cukes and carrots for the kids as well.

    I also have a snack cupboard that the kids have always had free access to.

    They love being able to be independent at that age and it pays off as they get older.

    Travis, my kids now bring me breakfast in bed. They started doing that when they were 6. Life is good.