Friday, November 13, 2009

Blogging Bog-Down

I apologize for the lack of good posts here lately.  Somehow, I seem to be very busy lately.  I'm working on a couple of home maintenance issues (why do all the light bulbs burn out at once and why does it cost $8000 to paint the interior of your house?), some insomnia problems (aka, too much thinking), a lot of laundry (aka, poop clean up), and a little bit too much Battlestar Galactica (Adam and I are watching the whole series straight through on DVD - we never saw the last season so no spoilers, please).

When I do feel like writing, I want to spend time on my fiction.  I feel some conflict between that and the blog.  I was worried about this problem arising, but I thought the two were so different that I'd have time and motivation for both.  I might have been wrong.  I'm hoping that this is just a glitch, but right now I'm just thankful that this problem gives me an easy blog post.


  1. Just to le t you know that you have a big fan out here. And if you get bogged down, OK, but don't stop. My wife and I both love your work.