Thursday, November 5, 2009

Birthday Suit, Boxers, and Balmy

Three Good Things for the day:

  1. We had an old friend from Michigan visit for dinner tonight and the minute he walked in the door, Sammy promptly stripped off her clothes and put on her ladybug shoes.  Luckily our friend has two girls of his own, so he gets it.

  2. I took Toby to the dog park and we met up with two Boxers.  Their owner couldn't get one of them to drop the tennis ball so he could throw it.  He warned me that the dog would bite me if I tried.  I felt like quite the Dog Whisperer when I stood over that beast, made him sit, and then told him to "drop it," and he gave up the ball. 

  3. It's November 5 and I don't need a coat.

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