Tuesday, February 22, 2011

My Orange Chair

When I was pregnant with Sam, I decided that a good glider was a high priority baby item.  I hated the look of most gliders, though.  In Michigan, it was hard to find any furniture at all that wasn't "country" style, and gliders were the worst.  We couldn't afford the chair that I really wanted, but Adam's parents kindly got it for us as a gift.  It was the only chair that was big and cushy, but which wasn't too deep for my short legs.  It also looks somewhat like a normal chair, and not just a baby diner.  I was disappointed when I saw the reddish-orange color - it's so hard to pick fabric from those tiny swatches - but other than that, it's been the perfect chair.

I spent countless hours in the "orange chair," nursing Sam.  We kept it in our bedroom for the middle-of-the-night feedings.  It got milk stains all over it, but it cleaned up just fine.  We had to put it in storage when we were moving around, but it came through to Virginia unscathed.  Then we put it in Sam's room, even though I wasn't nursing her any more.  We read to her in that chair every night before she went to bed, until she moved into her big-girl room and her big-girl bed.  Then, there wasn't room for the orange chair.  We left it in the "nursery" - Sam's old room.

Now, when Sam can't sleep at night, she gets up and goes into the nursery and sits in the orange chair.  She just rocks until she feels better.  Sometimes she puts her stuffed animals to sleep on the orange chair, covering them up with a blanket.  When she wakes up grumpy and needs some cuddling, she asks for me to sit with her in the orange chair.  After every bath, Adam or I give her a "drying hug" in the orange chair, and tell her Little Bear stories there.

I don't know if two babies plus me will fit in the orange chair.  But I do know that we'll continue to find some use for it.  I look forward to many more happy memories with my precious, orange chair.

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