Sunday, February 13, 2011

Badness Update

I'm only going to do a quick update here and then I'm not going to blog anymore about it because I didn't intend to make this a play-by-play.  There was no more blood last night, but there was this morning.  Old blood.  Less concern with that, I think, but not as good as nothing at all.

Adam is going on a trip this afternoon and will be gone for three days.  This is killing me, but there's no reason for him to cancel at this point.  I'm going to have to do the injections instead of the suppositories now, which is stressing me out.  And if something bad happens when he is gone, it will be awful.  Also, I just want to crawl into a hole and sleep for the next ten days and wake up to the results of the next ultrasound.  I don't know how I can wait that long.  I don't want to brush my teeth or shower.  The idea that I'll have to feed and care for Sam by myself for the next three days is overwhelming.  Even the thought of feeding the fish seems like an impossible burden.  But I know I will do it.  It's just a nightmare.

Assume that no news is good news.  I can't deal with the extra burden of blogging, either.


  1. I know you will do it, too (there being no other choice, really). I hope the time at least passes quickly. We'll be here when you get back.

  2. I am Adam's friend and just wanted to say I am thinking of you as well. Sending lots of good thoughts and crossing my fingers for your family!!