Monday, November 15, 2010

A Weekend with Friends

There was no Family Movie Night again this weekend due to way too much fun with friends!

On Saturday we went to the National Gallery with our Objectivist discussion group and enjoyed some art using Luc Travers' method.  I promise to write much more about that soon, but there is too much to say in a quick update. Suffice it to say that a whole new world of art has been opened up for me.

After that we hung out with friends and had a campfire and ate chili and drank beer and bitched about home repairs, old farts who get in your way at Home Depot, environmentalists, and the state of the Objectivist culture.  I hope you all have friends like that.

Sunday Sam slept in and the animals kept their mouths shut so we all actually got a decent night's sleep.  We puttered around all day in little chores mostly related to our brand new deck and patio, which were completed late last week. I'll post photos soon.

Then Sunday night we had dinner with some new friends.  We ate spaghetti, drank Chianti, and talked about Italy, amongst other things.  Sam amused herself the whole evening by playing with their pets - two dogs and a cat. Once you have children it becomes difficult to have friends who don't, but pets help.

Next weekend we're taking a quick trip to Atlanta for a wedding and we'll get to see many of our distant friends.

I'm finally satisfied with my friends in life.  I don't really mean my particular friends, but my way of dealing with friendships in general.  There will always be new friends, and old ones will fade away, but I finally seem to be able to make and nurture the relationships that matter the most to me.  I know what I want from friends and I seek it out.  I have goals for friendships and I don't just accept the people who fall into my life.  One important goal has been to find local friends.  I started my Objectivist discussion group in large part for that purpose, and it's been a huge success for me.  That is a big achievement, and I'm proud of it.

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