Monday, November 22, 2010

No Such Luck

Well, since I wrote the last blog post this afternoon, I've found out that we still don't have reliable internet access (and now Adam's computer is not working properly either), the dog has started chuffing like he's going to puke again, and the cat has not yet used the litterbox.  Oh yeah, and our brand new microwave, which has been replaced once, repaired once, and jury-rigged once, is making funny noises again.  Oh yeah, and Adam and Sam are sick.  I don't know what is wrong with this house but I feel like we're cursed.  Well, I was stress-free for a few hours.  Anyway, the point of this post is that I might not be able to blog much until I get the computer problems resolved.


  1. A while ago we rented out our house so we could move closer to work, but it only lasted a few months before the tenants stopped paying their rent so we had to kick them out and move back in. One of the last things the tenant said to us (when she'd run out of anything genuinely nasty or threatening to say, which was plenty) was "I feel sorry for you guys anyway. This house is cursed -- we've been at each others' throats the whole time we lived here!" Yes, it was definitely the house and not, you know, the stress over unpaid expenses or anything. Nothing you can do about a curse!

    Now whenever my husband and I start bickering over little things, we break the tension by blaming it on our cursed house.

    Sorry your house is similarly cursed -- hopefully it's temporary!

  2. have your house tested for toxic mold, be scretive about where you live on the internet, don't give out personal data

  3. facebook shares whatever information to those who buy it, and if you have windows, and not apple, be careful about downloading anything, they will fry your computer if you blog anything they don't want to see on the internet

  4. Heather, that's hilarious. I think I'll use that bit of humor myself.