Monday, November 8, 2010

Family Movie Night - Monsters, Inc.

Our on-demand cable service has a category just for Pixar movies.  Saturday night I read off the titles and brief descriptions to Sam:

  • Cars (it's about cars)

  • Toy Story (it's about toys)

  • Monster's Inc. (it's about monsters)

  • A Bug's Life (it's about bugs)

  • The Incredibles (it's about superheroes)

  • Ratatouille (it's about a rat)

  • Wall-E (it's about a robot)

As I expected, she said, "MONSTERS?????????"

Then she said, "What's that called again?" and I told her, "Monster's, Inc."  She said, "I want to watch that one.  Yeah, yeah."

The whole movie, she kept asking where the ink was.  The fact that one of the main monsters was a kind of octopus didn't help.

Adam and I loved this movie when it came out but both of us had forgotten all of it except for that amazing scene with the doors in the warehouse at the end.  The movie has some really sweet parent/child love moments.  When Sully's friend Mike berates him for taking risks for the sake of the child, Boo, he tries to remind Sully about all the values they have given up: their work, their goals, their friendship.  Sully replies, "None of that matters now."  And Adam chimed in, "Not now that he has a child."

I totally missed that the first time around.

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  1. One minor clarification: "A Bug’s Life (it’s about Marxism)"