Monday, September 20, 2010

More on Values

I missed the Rush concert this weekend.

Rush is by far my favorite band.  My first cat was named Geddy after the singer, Geddy Lee.  Back in California I had a personalized license plate that read, "RRUSHH."  I've been to many Rush shows, mostly back in the Hold Your Fire and Presto days.  Rush took a long break from recording new music and touring at some point back in the late 90's, and I haven't liked much of their new stuff since then, but I know they still put on a great show, and I'd love to see them again.  The past couple of tours, I've had logistical difficulties, but this year I could have gone.

But there was one problem.  For Adam and I to attend would have cost over $500.

Now, that's not really much more than what I paid back in the late 80's in Los Angeles, if you take inflation into account.  And back then, I had a lot less money to throw around.  But going to Rush concerts was one of my top values, and I bought good seats from ticket agencies whenever I could manage it.

But now, I'd rather spend that money on a new vanity for the powder room.  Does that make me a pathetic old fart?  If so, I guess that's what I am.

I still do enjoy listening to Rush, though.  A few days ago, La Villa Strangiato came up in the rotation while Sammy and I were driving around town.  She had never heard it before, and she asked me, MOMMY, IS THAT DARTH VADAR MUSIC?

I'll exchange a concert for that, any day.


  1. Wow! Why would it have been that much? Tickets plus babysitter? That still seems steep.

    We have tickets to see Rush on September 29, but I don't know if I'm going to be able to go myself. Claire still will not reliably take a bottle, so while we have my mom lined up to babysit, I don't think I can leave her for the 6ish hours we'd be gone without being confident that she will take a meal in my absence. Rush isn't my very favorite band (that's Phish, whose two concerts I missed in July due to a combination of being out of town and too pregnant to truly enjoy a concert), but they're up there, and I am hoping against hope that Claire will come around to the bottle in the next 9 days!

  2. If we had bought tickets when they went on sale, I guess they'd have been cheaper, but I wasn't sure if I'd be pregnant so I couldn't count on going that far ahead. (I remember your Phish dilemma!) There were some cheaper tickets in lawn seating, but it still would have come out to about $200 with the babysitter, and I didn't count that because I'd rather just watch my Rush in Rio DVD than be so far away that I can't even see the stage.

    I hope you get to go. Give me a report if you do!

  3. At least you still WANT to go to concerts! I always feel like the crowds are too obnoxious, you're never close enough (unless you spend TONS of money) My ears are ringing for too long afterwards and it's just not worth it any more....
    Rush were just out here (formerly Irvine Meadows) at the end of summer. Funny part now? My son want's to go to the concerts.... Because he's a drummer and a total Rush fan! He loves the new stuff as well as the old! Funny. We love listening to La Villa Strangiato and listening to all of the complexities of the song. He has made the music even more interesting to me because of the way he listens to it. Weird....