Saturday, September 11, 2010

Best Days

Today was a great day.  Today, I wore Sammy out.  I kept her going all day long and then right before bed, I had a monumental tickle fight with her.  She went to bed overtired and hyped up, and spent quite a bit of time screaming before settling in for the night.

But it was Adam's turn to put her down.  Ha-ha!  Score one for stay-at-home moms everywhere!

But seriously, we had a great day.  Adam had to work in the morning so I took Sam to a local festival.  She went in the moon bounce three times, rode a train, went on the super spinny teacup ride (a favorite for both of us!), had a pony ride, ate cotton candy, drank some Sprite, listened and danced to live music, and even used a porta-potty for the first time, which was quite exciting.  When we got home, she played with her friend next door out in the front yard for almost two hours.  Then, with Adam, we had an early dinner and watched The Little Mermaid, to kick off what we hope will become a semi-regular Saturday Family Movie Night around here.

It was a day when Sam was happily busy all day.  She had lots of new experiences, both physical and mental.  She used up all of her kid energy in a highly productive way, such as it is for a four-year-old.  It wasn't just fun (although, it was that).  It was one of those days when she did the work that she is meant to do.  She expanded her world and found joy in new experiences.  She did her job.

I've found that these are my best days - my favorite days.  This is the kind of day where I go to bed feeling proud of my accomplishments and totally fulfilled.

I gave my daughter a good day.  I did my job.

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  1. Livy had the same kind of day today! An all day trip to a construction site and riding horses with Jenn's family, but I was the one who put her to bed screaming. I sympathize with Adam, and Livy probably sympathizes with Sammy!

    But seriously, I love those days. They are the greatest part of parenting and make up for all the worst parts with joy to spare.