Thursday, September 30, 2010

Dance Class

Sam started her ballet/tap class a few weeks ago and she's loving it!  She's able to learn more of the steps than I thought she would.  That Tumbles class was a great way to introduce her to following someone else's motions.  I get to watch the class on a closed-circuit TV in the lobby of the studio, but I hear Sam's voice through the door, giggling and squealing and saying, I DID IT! LOOK AT ME!  I go home each time with aching cheeks from smiling for 45 minutes straight.

In the ballet part of the class, they are teaching her actual ballet positions and movements and naming them, so that Sam now glides away from me at the supermarket saying, I'M SASHAYING, MOMMY!  I love that because it reminds me of my own ballet days.

But it's the tap that Sam really loves.  Her face lights up in the most amazing way when she puts on her tap shoes, and she is actually practicing at home.  This is definitely going in her Value Book, but that's another post for another time.

That's all I have to say about dance class.  All the words are really just an excuse for putting up these photos:

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  1. Samantha looks pretty darn cute in her little tutu skirt! It makes me smile reading how much you are smiling.