Friday, September 17, 2010

A Little Justice

I forgot to mention three other things that sucked about my day yesterday:

  • I had to get totally naked and be measured by that plastic surgeon. That was humiliating enough to mar my entire day, right there.

  • The cat decided that the corner of our powder room was his new litterbox, which means we have a lot of stressful days ahead of us.  If you've ever had a cat, you know that this situation can easily end with the need to buy new flooring, and maybe even a new cat.

  • While I was letting the bleach sit and soak on the bathroom floor, Sam got diarrhea, and so we had to keep running upstairs for her to use the bathroom and there was a lot of cleaning up.  Oh my god, did I really do that five times a day for months when she refused to use the potty?  I guess I did.

All of that, plus the other stuff, on a day when I had the worst pain in well over a year.

Today is shaping up to be much better.  Most notably, my good friend A. reminded me that I should make a point to mention the nice Chick-Fil-A employee to his manager.  That kind of positive justice is something I try to remember to do, but it didn't even occur to me after that horrible day.  So today, after Sam's long-awaited session in the indoor playground, I did exactly that.  Thanks, A!  And thanks everyone else, for the positive thoughts.

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  1. This is what dear Anne of Anne of Green Gables would call a Jonah day! On Jonah days, I just try to smirk and wonder "what next" because I know I'm going to find this hysterical in anywhere from a day to a decade. That said, they're also an excellent opportunity for accepting or providing yourself with TLC. So, here's some e-Tender-Loving-Care :) I was just remembering that, when I was a nurse in the hospital, I would even tuck grown up patients in because a little TLC goes a long way when you're feeling down.