Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Vacation Values

Pre-children vacations / Vacations away from children:

"I think I'll skip showering today." / "I get to shower every single day."

"I've had enough of office buildings - I want to spend time outdoors." / "I've had enough of playgrounds - I want to spend time indoors."

"I don't need to brush my teeth this morning." / "I brushed my teeth TWICE today!"

"I'm going to stay up late and party!" / "I don't have a pile-up of work to do after the kids go to bed so I can go to bed early!" 

"I get to sleep in." / "I intended to sleep in but I went to bed so early and slept so well that I woke up early."

"I'm going to see a sporting event." / "I don't have to watch a single soccer game the whole trip!"

"I'm going to rest my mind and just lie on the beach." / "I have the ability to focus on one thing at a time so I'm going to think deeply about the things most important to me."

"I'm going to let my hair down." / "I'm going to put my hair up."

"I want to spend time with my friends." / "I want to spend time alone."

"I'm getting homesick." / "I'm getting homesick."


  1. I hope I get a chance to find these things out for myself someday!

  2. Although not quite a value but a realization, when I have an opportunity to sit and read multiple days in a row away from my children I'm struck by how quickly I can read. And how infrequently I have to re-read the same, sentence, page, paragraph, chapter or whatever when I'm not interrupted while reading or when I'm not reading while exhausted.

  3. Brilliant! Would make a great post for the carnival (hint!). :D