Monday, July 5, 2010

A Little Thing

My little problem solver strikes again.

In the airport on the way to Florida, we stopped at Five Guys for lunch.  Sammy got very upset when Adam cut her hamburger in half.  She began to whine:  I WANT A BIG HAMBURGER LIKE MOMMY.  I DON'T WANT IT CUT UP.  I WANT IT WHOLE.  We pretty much ignored her since she was whining, but eventually she turned to me directly and said in a sad but much nicer voice: MOMMY?  I WANTED A BIG HAMBURGER.

I said, "Your daddy didn't realize that you wanted it whole.  I wish I could put it back together for you but I can't.  But here's the best I can do."  And I kind of squished the two halves together and made a funny face like it was a silly thing to try. 

Sam giggled, but then got a serious look on her face.  She picked up the two halves, carefully held them squished together, and took a bite.  She was so proud, and so was I!

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