Saturday, October 1, 2011

We're slipping a little, but we're still managing!

I think this is going to do it for Sam's 5 year photo. It's almost a month late, but at 5 years old a month doesn't make much difference. Adam made the sign a few days after her birthday, but it sat around so long that it got "decorated." Hey, it just reflects the reality of our lives. And Sam does not like posing, so we had to get her while she had a baby in her lap. Oh well, it's good for perspective, right?

No, those are just rationalizations. The reality is that my new parenting motto is: Good Enough!


  1. There are lots of things for which good enough is, truly, good enough. All hail lower standards. ;)

  2. I suspect your "good enough!" is "all good!"