Thursday, September 29, 2011

Little Things - Zoe Edition

Adam calls Zoe, "Z," and I call her "Zo-Zo." I wonder which will win out as her nickname, if either. We tried to pick two nickname-proof names, but I guess there is no name that can't be mangled.

Zoe had a checkup at the pediatrician today and I took both babies all by myself for the first time. (Adam had to pick up Sammy from school.) It was easy!

Zoe is now newborn size, at least what passes for newborn size in our family - 6 pounds, 8 ounces - 4 ounces more than Sammy weighed at birth. She's gaining weight at exactly the right pace and continues to be perfectly healthy.

While undressing Zoe to have her weighed, a potato chip fell out of her clothing, right in front of the nurse. How embarrassing. No wonder she's gaining so much weight - munching on chips behind my back! (It took me a minute to realize that I had gotten her dressed on my bed, where I had been eating potato chips the night before. Even more embarrassing.)

At the doctor's office they have a computer for self-check-in. You have to enter the first two letters of the patient's first and last names. Zo-Mo. Maybe that will be her nickname!

Best of all, we have the first sign of the twins coming out of the blob stage: Zoe is beginning to make her first cooing noises. Up until now, all we've heard from either of them has been crying or grunting. Now we're getting some real vowel sounds - mostly "ah." And for once, Zoe is first!


  1. Zo-Mo would be an awesome nickname, as would Zebra. I am a huge fan of nicknames, though I understand why some people/parents prefer not to have them.

  2. Zoe is going to be the one you will have to watch as they get older. Clearly she is shaping up to be the smart, quiet type :-)

  3. I wanted to call Alistair Alex, but he has been so serious that it hasn't seemed right and now it sounds funny to me. I do sometimes call him Pewster...