Saturday, June 4, 2011

Strange Dinner Conversation

Mommy, you know those bad guys?
Which ones?
You know, those worst ones in the whole world?
The Nazis?
The Communists?
The Islamo-fascists?
Yes! Those bad guys. The ones with the worst bad guy ever.
Osama bin Laden. Yes, what about them?
We killed him. He is dead. But there are other ones and if they got near us, they would try to kill us.
Yes, they probably would. But luckily, they aren't anywhere near us and we have soldiers to protect us and keep them away.
If they got near you and tried to kill you, would you kill them?
I would if I had to, but I don't have a gun.
I have a water gun!


  1. I hear they melt if you fill it with holy water

  2. The Israelis use guard pigs at some of their bases, as a psychological deterrent to Islamists who might try to break into the base :-)