Thursday, June 16, 2011

25 Weeks

Okay, I'm calling it. This is officially my third trimester. I can't remember when the third trimester is supposed to start, but I'm not going to make it to 40 weeks anyway, so I'm calling it.

Everything is still going great. Leo and Zoe are doing their thing - growing and swallowing and peeing and hiccuping and kicking me in the bladder. Actually, that might be the most interesting part about this pregnancy so far - the movement of the babies. It turns out that even in the womb, you want them on the same schedule. Otherwise, they take turns kicking and you can't sleep. I have no control now, but once they are born, those kids are going to eat and sleep together, I tell you!

The movement is awesome. I can tell who is who most of the time. Leo is low and deep, so I feel his movements on my internal organs. Zoe is higher up and closer to the front, so I feel her against my flesh. Her movements are so strong that I can rest a coffee cup on my belly and it will jump all around. Leo's movements are so strong that he has caused me a bit of incontinence on more than one occasion. I mean, a sudden blow to the bladder can be quite surprising! Adam has been able to feel movement by resting his hand on my belly once, but it took an hour. Of course, that was the one hour that both kids decided to nap.

I have gained over 30 pounds now. I feel huge. It's not really the belly, but just the weight. I was heavier than I had ever been before I got pregnant, so it really is a strain on my body. While in Florida, I swam while pregnant for the first time ever. I finally know why so many pregnant women love it. It was such a relief to be so much lighter. Lying down helps to spread the weight around, but water is the best. But when I finally got out (after two hours), I could barely get myself out of the pool. I could not believe how heavy I felt. I felt the strain in all my muscles and my knees and my feet. It made me realize just how much work it really is, just getting around now.

My knees have been bothering me for a few weeks now. I've been trying to bend my knees and lift with my legs instead of my back, as they always advise you to do, but I can tell that the strain on my knees is not good. Tonight, I squatted down to get a tupperware container from a low shelf and learned the meaning of "my knee just gave out." Actually, it didn't really happen. My knee didn't give out - it just almost did. I could feel that something was about to bust in there, and I was just lucky that it didn't, and that I got a warning. So I can no longer bend my knees to pick things up off the ground. And that's a big problem because I'm so clumsy I drop everything. I dropped two out of my three vitamins this morning before getting them all in my mouth. I drop my car keys at least once a day. Sunglasses, receipts, shoes, you name it - I drop it. So I had to find a new way to bend down, and the giraffe method was the only thing I could think of.

Yes, I'm in my third trimester. I am a fat giraffe.

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