Sunday, October 31, 2010

Weekend Update

There was no Family Movie Night this weekend because it was jam packed with other fun stuff: school field trip to a pumpkin patch on Friday, then a two-and-a-half hour nap, dinner and bonfire at friends' house Friday night, Objectivist discussion group Saturday morning, another nap, Halloween party Saturday night, sleeping in late this morning, and of course, the grand finale: Trick-or-Treating tonight!

After a year of talking about how she would be either a witch, a ghost, or a monster for Halloween this year, Sammy saw the princess costume at the store and there was no turning back.  I can't really blame her - the dress lights up and everything!  After she decided to be a princess, she insisted that Adam be a prince, which I thought was just about the sweetest thing ever until tonight, when she kept yelling at Adam, "I turned you into a frog!"  Well, it's still pretty sweet.

I decided to stick with scary and go with the witch.  I intended to do the whole green face paint thing but my nose was raw from the sneezy allergies of October, so I had to count on whatever ugliness I have naturally.

I think the last time I really dressed up for Halloween was about 10 years ago when Adam was in law school.  (He dressed as a judge, and I as a prisoner. Ha ha.)  We've enjoyed handing out candy and oooing and ahhing at the kids' costumes since then, and Sam has Trick-or-Treated the past 2 years, but I think we're entering a new era of big-time Halloween revelry that I hope will last at least another decade.

There's candy stuck between my teeth and The Monster Mash stuck in my head. It doesn't get much better than that.


  1. What fun! The bonfire party was a great idea for a Halloween party- Did you tell scary fireside stories? I had more fun than I planned on. I got dressed up for work on Friday as there was a costume contest and a co-worker did not want to be the only work-camper dressed up. Sunday, about 14 kids came trick or treating as the park owner was having a party for them. I tied tootsie and bubble gum lollipops to Rice Krispie Treats with orange yarn in an attempt to make it look like they were getting something special--Don't know what kids now-a- days like getting for treats. They were certainly better than the toothbrushes I once gave out. I enjoyed seeing the creativity in some costumes like the Rock Star wearing glitzy clothes and makeup carrying her toy guitar and the Rag dolls with red yarn hair. Thanks for the photo of you-all.

  2. The bonfire was not even for Halloween - just something we've been doing with some friends lately.

    We left a bowl of candy on our front porch and it was gone by the time we returned. Neither Adam nor I are willing to stay home when we can be out with Sammy watching her have so much fun. She has a lot of stamina and would have kept going, but we made her come home with a full bucket of candy at 8pm.

    My favorite costume was our neighbor, 4-year-old C., who dressed up as Santa Claus. I can't believe I've never seen that before - it was adorable!

  3. HA! "I turned you into a frog." Brilliant.