Sunday, October 24, 2010

Family Movie Night - Bad Guys

Something dreadful has happened that makes me realize that I have way too much on my mind:  I forgot to mention that we watched The Princess Bride on one of our previous Family Movie Nights.


I have no idea what Sam took away from this movie.  She kept asking us why we were laughing, and I know she hated the end because I cried and she still doesn't understand the good cry yet.  But I do know she was fascinated by the "bad guy" in black with the mask who turned into the "good guy."  If I haven't mentioned it, Sammy is obsessed with good guys and bad guys.  She only wants to watch movies with bad guys in them.  She also likes classical music because it has bad guys in it. (Think about it - half of classical music could be visualized as bad guys chasing princesses through the forest.)

We watched Mary Poppins this weekend.  There was a policeman in the opening scene and Sam was transfixed: "Is that a bad guy?  Does he kill people?"  (She's still confused by the whole Nazi thing.)  No real bad guys in this one, but she seemed to like it anyway.  I didn't remember the movie very well, and I fell asleep for part of it.  Some of the musical numbers were fun, but otherwise I didn't like it.  Wasn't there a speech by the chimney sweep about how selfish the father was?  I was dozing at that point.  But any movie that gets Sammy screaming, "They're dancing on the roof!  Look, mommy!  That's SO funny!" is a hit.

This FMN thing is also a hit.  Sam is just the right age to start watching these movies (as I'll write about in my next post) and it is pure joy to share them with her.

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