Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Visit from the Parental Units

My parents arrived in town on Sunday for their month-long visit.  Hooray!  As I've written before, they live on the road in their RV, so when they come to visit it means that they stay at an RV park nearby and we can visit a lot without having house guests the whole time.  Nice deal, huh?

We don't have a lot of formal plans but they've already started helping me out on my current home-improvement project of replacing our rotted deck and landscaping the back yard.  Right now, I refuse to go out on the deck or in the backyard if I can help it.  It's that gross.  When we get the project done, we'll have a great deal more living space in (outside of) our tiny townhouse.  I started working on this project in April or May but then I got stuck.  Now I'm in the groove again and we have a good plan, so I'm hoping to get it done by the end of September.  I'm really excited!

My parents are also going to have Sammy sleep over at the RV at least once so Adam and I can have some time to ourselves.  Yay for grandparents!  On Friday night, Sam will stay with them and Adam and I will go to a concert at the local outdoor venue, Wolf Trap.

Besides that, we'll all probably do some typical stuff like going to the carnival, the aquarium, the water park, etc.  But mostly, we're just going to hang out with them.

The visit will culminate with Sammy's 4th birthday, on September 2.  My mom is very excited to be here for her birthday - the first time since Sam's first birthday.  I've delegated all birthday party responsibilities to Adam and he's planned a party at JW Tumbles, which is like an indoor playground and gym for little kids.  Sam recently took a class there and loved it.  I have a whole post to write about that experience, but I'll have to save it for another time.

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