Friday, August 6, 2010

A Little Thing

We had another napping milestone this week.  I had slept terribly the night before, and by 10am I could barely keep my eyes open.  I set Sammy up on my computer to play Starfall and collapsed on the couch.  But the bed called.  I told Sammy I was going upstairs to lie down and that she could come up and wake me if she needed anything.  I have never napped before with Sammy awake in another room; when it has been necessary for me to nap while she is awake, I've set her up to watch TV on the bed with me.  This time, I didn't really think about it - I was just that tired.

I fell into a light doze immediately, but I kept my mommy senses about me.  In my sleep, I kept track of the sounds of Starfall, knowing that if they stopped, I might have to check on Sam.  But when the sounds did stop, I heard something else: the sounds of Sam doing something in the kitchen.  As long as I heard noises like that, I figured she was fine.

When I came down about 45 minutes later, Sam told me that she had gotten herself a bowl of cereal with milk, all by herself.  She was so proud!  She has never done the whole process by herself before, but obviously, she is capable.

Why is this such a big deal?  It is yet another step towards the day when Adam and I can sleep in while Sammy gets up and takes care of herself.  Sometimes I think we're crazy to be trying to have another child, just when we're reaching that point!

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