Friday, March 26, 2010

Search Engine Humor

WordPress (my blogging software) gives me all kinds of statistics on who is accessing my blog, and besides the obsessive checking of hits per day, I also often check the traffic that arrives via search engine terms.  (That means people who Googled something and ended up finding me.)  Rational Jenn has reported some of the crazy ways that people find her blog, so I thought I'd jump in and share some of mine.

  • The search that lands people on my blog the most often is, by far, "Al Sears quack" or some variation thereof.  I mentioned this guy one time (and called him a quack), and I still get a hit or two every day from people who apparently agree with me or are wondering what to think.  I've received at least 550 visitors from that one line I wrote a year ago.  I should make a list of obscure controversial issues and blog about them just to get new readers.  Or not.

  • Aside from my name, "Short desk" has gotten me the next highest amount of traffic.  I'm not surprised because when I was designing the office space in my living room, the biggest obstacle to comfort was the fact that the standard desk height is way too tall for my 5'3" self.  I, myself, Googled "short desk" and found lots of good advice before I built the workspace and then wrote about it.

  • I love that someone found my blog by searching, "stack of harry potter books," even though I've only mentioned the saga twice.

  • Lots of people find my blog by sitting down at a computer and seeking electronic advice for a serious problem: "People call me stupid."  I don't think my blog can help them.  At least, I hope not.

  • Apparently, I talk about poop often enough to draw people looking for "nervous pooer," "changing poop diaper," "morning nappy change," and even the creatively spelled "diaper poopi."

  • Somebody found me by searching for "Samantha is gross."  I hope it wasn't somebody I know.

  • "Things spit is used for" must bring up so many interesting results - I can't imagine why they clicked over to me on that one.

  • "Huge pregnant belly journal."  What do you think was in that person's head?

  • And finally, "man grows long nail."  Sometimes Google just doesn't work.

Aside from the search engine hits, someone got to my blog from a Google ad on the IMDB Atlas Shrugged synopsis page - cool!

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  1. I know it's April Fools Day, but my blog just received a visitor from the Islamic Republic of Iran searching for the primacy of existence. That doesn't happen every day.