Thursday, March 4, 2010

A Good Day

So far today,

  • I woke up rested after a real, full night's sleep

  • I had a great parenting moment, getting Sammy to try on some new clothing while still getting her out the door and to school without a major battle, and learning something in the process (maybe I'll write about it later)

  • I saw the first spring plants reaching up an inch or so above the ground

  • I heard Rush's Limelight on the radio

  • I didn't need to turn on the heater in my car

  • Sammy spelled "red" and "Adam"

  • I had an excellent Reuben sandwich at our local deli

  • I had so many good writing ideas at lunch that it took me a half hour to transcribe them from my voice-recorder when I got home

  • There was a fire engine at the deli which made Sam scream with delight

  • We met the firemen and even a fire-lady

  • The manager of the deli gave Sammy a balloon

  • I learned that Vivaldi wrote sonnets to go with The Four Seasons (via Lynne)

Happy Birthday, Vivaldi, and Happy Impending-Spring to Everyone! (Except those in the southern hemisphere, I suppose.)

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