Friday, February 26, 2010

A Little Thing

My daughter is now old enough that I can ask her to remind me of things, and there is a better chance that she'll remember than that I will.  Of course, this only works with things that she values, but I still find it to be quite practical for my own sake, with the added bonus that she gets to exercise her memory and enjoy the rewards of doing so.

I realized this explicitly one morning when I told her to remind me after school to show her a video of hang gliding.  (She is still fascinated with flying and I've been telling her about all the ways that people can fly, even though we don't have wings.)  I said, "I can show you a video of hang gliding.  Remind me after school.  Tell me that you want to see the video of hang gliding.  Can you say 'hang gliding?'"


"Good.  Hang gliding.  Remind me after school, ok?"


Driving home after school, after we had talked about what work she did at school and what she wanted for lunch, she suddenly said,


It's all about values.


  1. If you ever take Sammy to Disneyland, there's a great ride there called "Soaring Over California" and it's the experience of hang gliding over the countryside of CA, from Napa to the coast to the redwoods to SF -- really cool!

  2. I wonder if they have it at DisneyWorld. Sammy might be going with her grandparents this summer. I'll tell them to look for it, or anything that has to do with flying!