Saturday, February 6, 2010

A Little Thing

When Sammy is very angry, she'll contradict us in any way she can.  She used to make up words to serve that purpose.  I'd say, "It's time to wash your hands," and she'd respond, NO! IT'S TIME TO WASH MY KENG-GANG!

But lately, she's been using contradiction through rhyme.  I might say, "There is food on your shirt," and she'll reply, NO! THERE IS KOOD ON MY SHIRT!  Or, I'll say, "I like that outfit you're wearing," and she'll say, NO! YOU LIKE THAT POW-BIT I'M WEARING!

The other night, Adam said, "You're hair looks very pretty," and Sam replied, NO! MY HAIR LOOKS VERY SHITTY!

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