Monday, February 15, 2010

Best of the Snow

I still hate snow.  Not only did the 2 storms bring all normal activity to a halt for 12 days, but somehow being housebound caused Sammy to stop using the potty.  Not only is she back to pooping in her pants 5-6 times per day (I'm not exaggerating) but she has started peeing on the floor as well.  It's a nightmare.  This is not regression.  She was never this bad, even the first day we took off the diapers.  This is devolution.  Anyway...

We did have a lot of fun playing in the snow.  Here are the best photos from the past 2 weeks.

We know it's a bad storm when the garbage can turns into a garden gnome:

These are cars:

This was taken before our neighbors so kindly gave us their daughter's old snowsuit for Sam.  We never bought her any real snow clothing since it doesn't snow more than an inch or two in Virginia:

The walls of snow were so high that Sammy could make vertical snow angels, especially once she had her new snow suit:

This one is just plain cute:

Someone built a snow fort (and a snowman) in the park across the street:

This is our next door neighbor, H.  He's 8 years old and likes to dig big holes in the snow and then climb in.  In the background you can see the blue street sign with the snow piled up almost to the top of it:

Ok, so I don't really hate snow.  We had a great time.  Going outside was like joining a big block party, but instead of drinking and grilling, there was snow shoveling and sledding.  It just all went on a little bit too long, and it ended with a pre-planned "mid-winter" break at Sammy's school, which brought the total consecutive days off of school to eight.  I can now say that I fully relate to this old commercial.  (It's one of the pleasures I'll have to forego as a homeschooler, but hey, everything has its pros and cons):

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