Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Winter Is Here

Yesterday afternoon, Sam and I went to a book fair fundraiser for her school.  When she heard the word "fair" I guess Sam thought it was a very special occasion, because she asked to wear her Christmas dress.  I had completely forgotten that we had even bought her a Christmas dress, but there it was in her closet.

Now this is a milestone because Sammy does not like to wear anything that feels in any way different than her favored "pajama clothes."  No buttons, snaps, ties, zippers, or bows are allowed, turtlenecks are horrible, and if the material is scratchy, forget it.  She has also never worn tights with a dress, that I can recall. There was no way she was going out bare-legged at this time of year, so I was doubtful that this was going to end well.

But she did it!  She wore the dress, with a shirt underneath, of course, because the material was too scratchy, and she even LOVED the tights.  She also allowed me to put her hair in a ponytail and to clip her bangs back with a barrette, which is a rare event.  She couldn't quite make the leap beyond tennis shoes, but hey, this is progress!

When we were ready to leave, she refused to put on her coat because "it might mess up my hair."  In this photo you can see the pain of Sam's first sacrifice for fashion:


  1. Adorable! I LOVE the tennis shoes with the dress! :-)

  2. Samee looks like a miniature Mrs. Santa Claus. She needs some of those soft boots(Huggs?) to go with it and one of those Santa hats to keep her ears warm. It is a most unusual dress, no wonder Samee thought it was special!