Friday, December 10, 2010

My Christmas Package

I've been working really hard at not getting too excited about this donor egg thing.  I've tried not to think too much about the process or the possible result, because I've already done the thinking and made my decision.

But now I'm getting excited.  And nervous.  I received the following email this morning from my buddy K. at the clinic:

Good morning!  Just wanted to remind you that your Lupron injections will start tomorrow morning.  You will need to inject 10 units each morning.

Also, please continue your active birth control pills until 12/17.  Take your last active pill that day.

Your baseline appt will be on Wednesday, 12/22.  What time would you like to come in for this between 7am and 9am?

And so it begins.

My Lupron injections are self-administered, which seems scary, but I don't think it's going to be such a big deal.  The hardest part might be doing it at the same time each day, and managing that with Sam around.  I have to do some serious thinking about what time is best.  Here's a video of a woman doing a Lupron injection.  It doesn't show her measuring the medicine into the syringe, which is actually the scariest part, to me:

She's an egg donor, but it's the exact same medication and the same needle.  My donor is doing the same thing right now, too.

After the Lupron come some pills and then later, progesterone injections, which are intramuscular and require a bigger needle.  My baseline appointment is bloodwork and an ultrasound, and I'll have a few of those as we go along.

I bought all these meds from an online pharmacy.  There was so much stuff that it came in a FedEx Large Box:

With all of the other packages arriving at this time of year, it was kind of strange, but I have hope that this package is the means to the best gift of all.

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  1. Amy, this is so very exciting! May you get what you want for Christmas. :o)

    I live with someone who does injections all the time, and I know how to fill syringes. Once you practice a bit it will get easier.